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Donald and Jennifer met while attending Washington State University. Donald graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree and Jennifer a Marketing degree (and later MBA) in 2002.  They both went on to have long and successful careers in corporate with major companies such as Paccar, Boeing, Macy’s and REI.  They were married in 2007 and recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. 

In 2014 they had their daughter and decided to shake life up a bit.  They left their corporate jobs behind, founded Maynard Works LLC., and moved to Costa Rica to start a life of travel and adventure with their new baby. Now back in the US, the adventure continues and they hope you will join them for the ride!

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We know how important it is to find the right service provider for your needs.  Whether you need a coach, travel support, an engineer or a handy-man, we want you to be comfortable and trust we are the right team for the job.  Reach out anytime to discuss your needs.

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